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Course Descriptions

Massage Theory & Practice I

As a student, you will be introduced to the history, development, and evolution of massage therapy and learn the basic principles of proper body mechanics and proper draping techniques. You will learn how to conduct an intake interview with the client, basic documentation skills, as well as how to communicate effectively during the massage. Learning the basic principles and strokes of Swedish massage, and apply those techniques to sports massage, pregnancy massage, massage for special populations (medically frail, pediatric, geriatric clients). You will learn contraindications for massage therapy and be introduced to hydrotherapy. Students will gain experience through partnering in lab exercises, and working in the student clinic.

Massage Theory & Practice II

In this course, you will be introduced to the theories and practice of techniques for medical massage, including neuromuscular therapy, muscle stripping, myofascial release, and methods of deep tissue massage. You will gain proficiency in postural assessments and formulating treatment plans based on desired outcome. Students will be introduced to the theories of Eastern bodywork philosophies, demonstrate proficiency in Shiatsu, and explore the body/mind connection. You will be introduced to adjunct therapies, and will recognize contraindications for massage therapy. Students will gain experience through partnering in lab exercises, and working in the student clinic.

Anatomy & Physiology

You will be introduced to the structure and functions of the human body by the systems.  You will learn to identify the organization of the body and mechanisms of homeostasis. Directional terminology of the body will be taught to explain anatomy and physiology to enable correct us of medical terminology.


You will learn pathology associated with each of the body systems, as well as miscellaneous conditions.  Introduction to the etiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis criteria, treatments, and weather massage is contraindicated or should be modified based on the conditions.  Taking a thorough health history, hygienic precautions to be taken for safely administering massage therapy, and recognizing client endangerments.  Learning precautions and contraindications associated with medications will also be covered.

Research Literacy

In this course, you will be introduced to the terminology of research as a means to understanding research studies. Students will demonstrate the ability to search medical databases for studies in massage therapy research, and explain how to share research with other health care providers and with clients. There is no exam for this class; students are graded on the completed research paper.

Spa Applications

In this course, you will learn about the history and evolution of spas, including the different types of spas, employ products and applications associated with the spa industry, practice the safety and hygiene precautions associated with spa products and treatments, discuss different types of treatments, and recognize the contraindications for spa therapies. Students will identify spa treatments that may be performed outside the traditional spa environment. You will practice product familiarity, communicating with clients, and retailing in the spa, and will gain practical experience through partnering in lab exercises.


In this course, anatomical terminology and the mechanics of body movements will be reinforced. Students will practice palpation skills, and will begin to recognize the characteristics of lengthened, shortened, and weakened muscles, the resulting pain and/or movement limitations, and determine appropriate massage techniques based on the condition of the client. You will learn how to properly stretch all the major muscles. While this course reinforces much of the same knowledge of the anatomy and physiology course, this next level of fine-tuning the palpation skills and introducing the stretching into the massage routines will allow the student to build on that foundation and operationalize what has been learned.

Adult & Pediatric CPR/First Aid/AED

Students will be educated according to American Red Cross and/or American Heart association material for the most up to date CPR requirements.

Business & Marketing

As a student, you will perform a self-inventory to gain insight into personal strengths and weaknesses.  This will allow you the perspective to explore various career options of working in the massage therapy profession, gain skills in constructing a resume and developing your virtual appearance, be introduced to the realities of running a business, practice effective client communications, and gain practical experience in marketing themselves as a massage therapist.

Professional Ethics

Learning the intricacies of the therapeutic relationship, with a heavy focus of the roles and boundaries of the therapist and client will help to develop you as a massage therapist and assist in ensuring longevity in the profession.  You will engage in interactive discussion and activities designed to reinforce concepts of professional ethical behavior, including the framework and dynamics of client/therapist communication, handling ambiguous situations, sexual boundaries, financial boundaries, dual relationships, and taking advantage of peer support and supervision.

TN Massage Statutes and Regulations

In this course, you will be introduced to the TN Board of Massage Licensure. Students will recall the law as it pertains to the practice of massage therapy.


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