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Student Testimonial

My time at NSMT was great. Nancy and Christy were my instructors during the full time class. They prepared me for the MBLEX, they were great mentors as I was needing guidance, studying for the MBLEX. Connie and Nancy went through my license process. My experience started amazing and then Covid hit and the entire staff came together and kept class going even through shut down we found a way to meet online so we could finish school on time! I’m proud to be an alumni of this massage therapy school. Thank you to my instructors who helped me become the massage therapist I am today.

2020 Graduate

Nashville School of Massage Therapy is a great school. Like any school it has its down falls but I would recommend it to anyone wanting to be in the industry. I wasn’t quite sure of what I was getting myself into when I chose to go into the field. I was overwhelmed at first but this school and it’s staff took the time to really help me understand and learn in many different ways so much material that I wasn’t sure I would be able to understand. We learn more than just the fluff and buff here. It’s very straight forward and more medical than I realized but they made Everything so easy to understand. Christy is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had she’s very passionate about this stuff and can relate it to almost anything! I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for her.

2022 graduate

I just completed their program. I felt really prepared to pass the national exam. This year 100% of the students have passed on their first attempt. I also got great hands on practice and feel ready to launch in my career. I have visited and attended other massage schools here and this one far out ranks them all. They also have great scholarship opportunities to attend the school.

Rebekah P.

2022 Graduate

The staff at NSMT are awesome. The environment there is very clean and welcoming. And they have FANTASTIC instructors.

Sal G.

2021 Graduate

The greatest experience about this school were the instructors and my cohort. Everybody was loving and supportive and I just don’t think I would have made it through this journey without this school. My cohort was the first cohort to accomplish a lot because we were overachievers! As far as education, a lot of the things that I’ve learned with the material provided & outside of the material provided I’ve taken with me on my journey as a massage therapist and it shows through my clientele today. Thank you NSMT.

Queona D, LMT

2021 Graduate

Andy C.

I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy after several years in the real estate business. I was looking for a career that enabled me to help others and gave me the freedom to concentrate on my family when the day was done.

I decided on Nashville School of Massage Therapy because of many reasons, but mainly particularly two were the deciding factors for me. Economically, it was the best choice for me. The other benefit that stood out was the fact that I could be in another career that I cared about in a relatively short span of time.

Now that I am a licensed therapist looking back on my studies, I believe that I received the most current information about massage therapy. I have started my new career out on the top of my game! The teachers and staff are very caring and want to see you succeed. The atmosphere is very conducive to building long-lasting friendships and that is very important in any business.

It is quite a commitment I will grant you that... but I believe it will be one that is worth your time, if you are determined enough to make it happen! I enjoyed my time at Nashville School of Massage Therapy, and I believe you will too!

Andy C.

Graduated September, 2015

I attended NSMT June 2015 - November 2015. I had such a great experience there. The staff there are so friendly and willing to help you meet your goals. Before coming to the school I had been working in sales within the corporate world. That was quite stressful and not very rewarding for me.

I had considered massage therapy for a few years but didn't really know much about the career. Friends and family were alway asking me to give them back massages, and said I was good at it. So, I made the decision to start a career change and I am so glad I did. I love being an LMT.

It is very rewarding knowing that I am helping people to feel better in their day to day lives. I am so appreciative of NSMT for the education and the tools they provided me with to be able to have such a rewarding career. They also helped me secure a job with Massage Envy after school for which I am also extremely grateful for because it kept me from getting all stressed out in my job search. The four massages per week during the hands-on lab portion of the class wasn't too shabby either.

Nick M.

Graduated November, 2015

Marshall L.

Before I went to school for massage therapy, I had worked at Vanderbilt for 13 years in a completely unrelated field, answering phones for building maintenance issues. I decided to look into different work options as my employment was going through changes, and it was just the right time to make a change.

Going back to school at my age seemed to be a pretty daunting task but the staff at Nashville School of Massage Therapy, the teachers, and owners were very supportive. It made the decision process of completely changing careers much easier and exciting. I think what stands out the most to me, and made the biggest difference, is the fact that no matter how much you think you know you only scratched the surface of how Massage and Body Works can help an individual to not only feel better but to live better. What better feeling could you have than to help someone in that manner?

Nashville School of Massage Therapy can put you on the road to helping others have a healthier more fulfilling life one massage at a time.

Marshall L.

Graduated February, 2015


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